Luã de Souza

PHP, Python & Front-end

Hi there. I'm a 28 year old developer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently living in Sydney, AU. I love working with both back-end and front-end development and I shift between these two areas all the time.

Today, I work as senior software engineer at THE ICONIC. Before that, I had worked as a freelancer for a while, started my own company as head of development, co-founded a customer loyalty startup, worked as Tech Lead, web developer and front-end engineer in some great companies.

I'm a big fan of PHP and Python, and a heavy user of the Symfony framework since its beta version. I have played a lot with Silex, Wordpress, and have made some cool projects with Tornado, Django and great Python libs.

I love to handcraft pretty front-end code, responsive websites and to play with user experience and interaction design.

You can find out more about my experience on LinkedIn, see some code on GitHub, or follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I'm also on StackOverflow once in a while.